Je suis partie !

Voilà, je suis partie de la famille.

Je voulais remercier chacun d’entre vous qui m’avez laissé un commentaire. Ca m’a fait chaud au coeur pendant ce moment difficile. Ca m’a aidé à prendre la bonne décision.

J’aimerais vous expliquer en détail comment ça s’est passé mais en fait j’ai pas le courage.
Vu ce qu’elle m’a dit quand je suis partie, je suis très contente d’avoir fui !

Dans les grandes lignes :
- elle m’a fait la remarque qu’un matin j’avais pris 3 enormes bols de céréales et qu’elle avait jamais vu quelqu’un manger autant (ce n’est évidemment pas possible parce que justement je n’ai pas mangé beaucoup, j’ai juste mis mes céréales en plusieurs fois dans le bol de lait parce que je préfère quand c’est croustillant… en plus c’etait pas un grand bol, c’etait une sorte de ramequins (à l’anglaise quoi) !)
- elle m’a dit que ca serait très très méchant si je mettais un mauvais commentaire sur le site, je lui ai répondu que « je peux etre objective en cas de conflit » et elle m’a dit « non tu ne peux absolument pas vu l’état dans lequel tu es » (je pleurais)
- elle m’a repproché de pleurer devant elle parce que ça la mettait mal à l’aise et qu’elle, elle se contenait. Genre je le fais exprès de chialer à trombe d’eau ?!!!
- après avoir parlé pendant tout ce temps, elle m’a demandé si je voulais quand même rester (vous ne revez pas !) elle pensait que maintenant qu’on avait eu la discussion, ça irait mieux. C’était trop pour moi (peut etre elle avait peur du commentaire que j’allais laisser ? c’est bien mal me connaitre)

Je vous mets quand même le commentaire que j’ai rédigé sur la famille. Je le posterai sur le site qui nous as mis en contact.
Ca vous donnera une idée :)

I’m 29 (with a lot of experience of work).
I’m quite shy but really easy-going and hard-worker.

I can not say this is a bad house. It was just not the good one for me.
Maybe I’m too old to be formatted to Pam’s way of life.

To sum up: I had the feeling that I gave (at work) more than I have received (food, accommodation, English, activities).

There are three people: the mum, the dad and the daughter (11 y.o). The older child doesn’t live in the house.
Pam (the mum) is always busy. She is really hard-working. She is a nice person and you can talk to her at any time, she is always available to chat with you and to correct your English (I appreciated that).
Tony (the dad) is a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally nice man (I think this is written in all the reviews). I will miss him even if I didn’t spend a lot of time with him. He is so funny :). I wish I had say goodbye to him.
Amy is a very energetic girl and she is lucky to have two parents that are that patient with her :). I wish her all the best.

The work is not very hard but Pam is very maniac (and I’m not at all – I’m easy-going) so it was hard for me.
The work has to be done in ONE way and not in another one.
You cannot do it your way (even if Tony does ;) ).
Pam gives you tasks one after another (after checking if the work is good enough in her point of view), so it’s very difficult to be independent. If you take the initiative of vacuuming another room instead of running to Pam saying « I have finished this one », it’s a problem. The things have to be done in the right order :)
Pam has never shouted at me for my mystakes (I have broken 3 things in her house) but even after apologizing to her (so many times), I felt she was still furious (and so was her daughter).

I slept in the caravan. The house is closed in the night (also when Pam is not at home). So don’t expect to go to the toilets in the middle of the night or in the morning if Pam is not awake.
I was OK with that. But it’s not for everyone!
One morning, Pam had forgotten to open the door for me even though she had told me to be at the house at 8.30-9am (she opened around 11.45am). I had to do my own business in the garden.
I repeat, it was fun for me but can’t be for everyone!
The bed in the caravan is comfortable and the linen too. I had my privacy.
I also had the electricity in there, so the accommodation was ok for me :)
(Note: Pam advised me not to use the outside toilets because there are some bats in there).

INTERNET (and phone):
No wifi at home.
No internet for you (but you are very welcome to help Amy downloading movie with their high speed connection!)
The phone was not to be used in some places of the house: in the kitchen and around Amy and Pam. So don’t expect to have your phone always with you.
That was hard for me, but I dealt with it.

Pam serves you 3 meals during the day.
In my opinion, the meals are too light. Even if the food is top-quality and very good, it was not enough for me.
Pam assumes that if you want to eat, you will ask her. Don’t expect to have a dessert at each meal if you don’t ask : I had just twice in 5 days (a yogurt or a fruit is a dessert for me).
I really disliked to ask for food, so I didn’t, my mystake ! I should have asked.
My advices for the food in this family:
- bring your own food, or
- ask for more food to Pam, or
- serve yourself in the fridge (as Amy does).
I’m not this kind of person.

The activities with the family are really good.
We have seen the Australian day firework together. That was great.
Pam and Amy have a one-year pass to go to an aquatic park whenever they want.
One day, I went with Amy there with theses passes. That was very nice for me !!
Pam thanked me for that, but it was really good time for me (even if Amy was not motivated as I was and even if she was cheating all the time at the mini-golf ;) )

I have decided to leave the house on my 5th morning (when Pam was out and the house closed)
When Pam came back (2 hours laters), my luggage was packed. I went to her and said that I would like to leave.
She was OK with that but she wanted me to do my hours for the day !
I didn’t want to fight, so I did … while crying … I just wanted to go very far away.
At the same time Pam accused me of having burnt a clothe as the iron was dirty.
I’m honest and I didn’t (I am awkward but not blind :) )
I really didn’t know why the iron was dirty (maybe the tap water, I used it a lot …).

I’m not saying this experience was bad (all the experience are good even the worse!). We cannot fit with everyone (even if I thought I could, my mystake!)
I’m just saying that this family was not for me and I regret I did not take up the challenge :)

Je vous mets quelques photos de la maison et de l’endroit où je dormais :

Le devant de la maison :

L’arrière de la maison :

Ma caravane

Un de leur chien bien sympa :