Merry Christmas – Nimbin – Byron Bay – 25 déc.

Today is a special day.
My brother and I have decided to speak only in english to each other during the day.

The idea has come because we thought we would not be able to meet and talk to australian people. It’s christmas. Everyone should be at home.

Even if I have been in Australia for more than 3 weeks, I still have a bad level in english.
So, I hope you will be forgiving (and I will be gratefull if someone would have the motivation to correct me).

The place where we have slept is not very welcoming :

As the other days, we are alone and far away from everything :

After the breakfast, we went to a very special village called Nimbin

As you can see, this village is not like the others :

We can see cannabis everywhere

everyone is smoking

and everyone love Jamaican way of life

When we were walking around, many people asked us if we wanted some weed (and others…).
Of course not !

We wanted to visit the information centre. This office is open every day of the year apart from christmas day.

Damn it.
We expected that …

I took some pictures of people walking in the street

We went inside shops (but we didn’t buy anything… )

Cannabis is everywhere…

We noticed there is a Mardi Grass in Nimbin :)
funny play on words !

The musuem’s entrance is free but you can give some money if you want.

We left Nimbin.
On the road again, we saw a open air cathedral. Very funny.

We assumed that some weeding have been celebrated here.

On the road again …
We arrived in Byron Bay.
Famous city.
Now, we know why :)
People should be at home on christmas day, shouldn’t they ?

We were very suprised to see many many people on the beach at christmas day.

Some restaurants were open so we have decided to have a good lunch.
It was too expensive for what we got but … it’s christmas day !

On the beach again, we saw a lot of young people having fun.
They had brought a christmas tree :)

It’s like a party in the day. Very surprising :)

They were even throwing Corona on each other.

I saw a Christmas Mum too ;)

And a lot of other people

After having been the paparrazi, we have visited the lighthouse of Byron Bay
Beautiful views :

A new animal on the way :

A big hole in the sand :

We went to the most easterly point of the australia mainland :

Then we have walked again until the lighthouse

A little rest at the top and we came back to the beach
We saw another iguana :

Then we found a wallaby, he was not wild so I have taken a lot of pictures.
I’m sorry for all this pictures, but this wallaby was the nicest and closest one we have ever seen so far …

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